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Makeup Rolling Trolley

Enhance Your Makeup Journey with VEVOR Rolling Makeup Case

A professional makeup case is a train case, cosmetic case, beauty bag, or makeup trolley. These words refer to portable storage and transportation containers for makeup equipment and supplies.

VEVOR offers a selection of high-end rolling makeup cases to enhance your cosmetics experience. Our cosmetic carts provide utility, organization, and durability, making them ideal for makeup artists on the go or beauty enthusiasts seeking convenience.

Types of Makeup Case

Here is a list of some standard makeup case types available.

Rolling Makeup Case with Wheels

Professional rolling makeup cases are perfect for cosmetic artists who are constantly on the road. These makeup cases with strong wheels provide seamless mobility. Usually, they have several drawers and sections for effectively arranging beauty brushes and other accessories.

Professional Makeup Cart

Professional makeup carts are made with convenience and adaptability in mind. They have movable trays, adjustable dividers, and extra storage spaces to hold a range of cosmetics and accessories.

Makeup Travel Case with Wheels

Compact and lightweight, the makeup travel case with wheels is ideal for beauty artists who work freelance or travel. They provide plenty of storage space and organization features to keep critical makeup items safe throughout travel, even if they are smaller.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Makeup Trolley

There are tons of types of makeup carts available in the market, however here are some universal qualities to look for while buying one for yourself.


Choose makeup rolling carts with long-lasting construction, such as ABS plastic or aluminum, particularly if you travel regularly or work in a tough setting.

Storage Capacity

Make sure the makeup trolley can hold all your makeup brushes, tools, and accessories by considering its dimensions and design. For adaptable organization, use cases with divisions or adjustable compartments.


Selecting a beauty box with a retractable handle and strong wheels will simplify transportation, especially if you must transfer your makeup materials around a lot.

Security Features

Look for makeup boxes with sturdy locks or latches to protect your priceless cosmetics and avoid spillage or damage while traveling.

Maintenance Tips for Makeup Case on Wheels

Take out all of the makeup and accessories before cleaning a professional rolling makeup case. Wipe off the case's exterior and internal surfaces with a mild soap or detergent diluted with warm water. Use disinfectant wipes or a light cleaning solution for spots that are difficult to remove.

Makeup Case at VEVOR

VEVOR Makeup Train Case with Lock

The VEVOR Makeup Train Case is a beauty professional's ultimate storage solution. It keeps tools and cosmetics tidy with roomy sections, a brush holder, and a tool panel. It is made of metal aluminum and ABS+MDF board and can support up to 66 pounds. It is robust and long-lasting. Because of its 360-degree rotating wheels and adjustable pull rods, it is lightweight and portable despite its strength. It works well for various beauty jobs and is ideal for makeup artists, stylists, and aficionados.

VEVOR Makeup Train Case Large Storage

With its three-tier design, the VEVOR Makeup Train Case provides plenty of storage, perfect for arranging various equipment and cosmetics. Because it is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, it is long-lasting and durable. Its handle or shoulder strap makes it easy to carry even with its strong design, weighing only 3 pounds. This multipurpose case is an indispensable travel or everyday companion for beauty artists, stylists, and aficionados alike.

VEVOR Makeup Rolling Case

A master of storage, the VEVOR Makeup Rolling Case has three levels of roomy storage for various equipment and cosmetics. Its long-lasting, waterproof Oxford cotton construction is enhanced by the smooth metal zippers that provide effortless access. Even with its strong construction, it weighs only 11.9 pounds, and its wheels and movable pull handles make transportation a breeze.

VEVOR 5 in-1 Professional Makeup Train Case

The VEVOR 5 1 professional rolling makeup case offers unmatched versatility and simplicity. Its roomy layout and four removable sections make it simple to arrange tools and cosmetics. This case is made of sturdy MDF board and metal aluminum, guaranteeing a long lifespan. Even with its strong construction, it weighs only 16.4 pounds, and its 360° spinning wheels and adjustable pull rods make it portable. This multipurpose case is a must-have accessory for beauty professionals as it meets various makeup storage needs.

VEVOR Makeup Train Case 14.6 inch

The VEVOR Makeup Travel case with wheels constructed from ABS plastic and aluminum is essential for anybody looking to streamline and arrange their cosmetics. With six removable storage sections, its small size belies its roomy interior, providing plenty of room for various tools and cosmetics. This case is quite portable due to its lightweight design and flexible shoulder straps, making it perfect for daily usage and travel.

Reasons to Choose VEVOR

VEVOR provides a large assortment of premium rolling makeup cases at affordable costs. Our makeup rolling carts are ideal for both aficionados and professional makeup artists due to their practical features, adaptable designs, and sturdy construction. Furthermore, VEVOR places a high priority on customer happiness and product quality so that you can shop with confidence.

FAQs about Makeup Case on Wheels

Q1: Are professional makeup artists the only ones who use cosmetics cases?

A1: No, professional makeup artists are not the only ones who use cosmetics cases. Because of its practicality and organizational features, makeup rolling carts are frequently used by professionals. Still, anyone who enjoys makeup and wants to keep their stash organized can also benefit from one.

Q2: What advantages may a professional makeup case offer?

A2: A professional makeup case has many advantages, such as plenty of room to store various beauty goods, a structure strategically built to safeguard your cosmetics when traveling or on the go, and designated sections and dividers to keep everything accessible and organized.

Q3: What is the proper way to arrange a makeup rolling case?

A3: While organizing a makeup case on wheels, make use of slots, separators, or trays to arrange various makeup items, such as brushes, foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow. To avoid clutter place things in a logical order according to size or frequency of usage, ensuring that everything has a specific spot.