VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2" Boring Diameter, 2922lbf/13000N 500 RPM Portable Electric Mag Drill Press with Variable Speed, Drilling Machine for any Surface Home Improvement Industry Railway
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About This Item
  • Top-level Magnet: Get ready for unstoppable power! Our electric magnetic drill generates exceptionally powerful driving force with its 1550W copper motor. It is capable of drilling into the toughest material at 500 RPM. Max. Boring Diameter (Coring Drill): 50mm; Max. Coring Depth: 50mm.
  • Understand the Power: 2922lbf / 13000N robust force created by the electromagnetic base on the two ends anchors the mag drill press solidly to avoid movement during the drilling process. Adjustable 10-speed gears achieve accurate and efficient operation according to different drilling diameter.
  • Security and Durability: Your security comes first! That is why the combined overload guard features are in place. The cooling system features fast heat dissipation to save operators from being hurt by instantaneous overpowering and high temperatures during drilling. Besides, the titanium magnesium alloy guide rail has corrosion & wear resistance characteristics, significantly improving the device's service life.
  • User-friendly design: A scale has been added to the machine's frame to help users pinpoint the distance between the drill bit and the drilled material in millimeters. Even a novice can bore accurate and neat holes. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle and 3 extended cranks provide a comfortable grip during handling and moving, saving great effort.
  • Wide Applications: This versatile magnetic drill plays a vitally important role in home improvement, equipment installation, industrial and steel fabrication, ship and bridge building, railway manufacture, windmill & power-plant construction, and many other fields.
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The Pinnacle of Magnetic Power
Get ready to drill smarter, not harder! Manufactured from a high-quality titanium magnesium alloy, this drill press is an essential tool for residential construction, heavy-duty industries, and steel manufacturing.
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
Q: What is the applied voltage and size of the product?
A: The product size is 12.6x5.5x16.9in/320x140x430mm, applicable voltage/frequency is 220-240V 50/60Hz for EUR/AUS or 120V 60Hz for US.
Q: What kind of materials does the mag press work on? What kind of drill bits are they compatible with?
A: The magnetic drill can bore on steel and iron structures above a 10mm thickness by upright, inverted, and horizontal adsorption. Drilling bits with a diameter of less than 50mm are applied.
Q: Does the package come with a drill chuck?
A: Yes, the product has a twist drill chuck with a 100mm boring depth.
Q: What is the drilling range of the product?
A: Max boring diameter of the coring drill is 50mm; Boring diameter of the twist drill is 3-16mm.
VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2VEVOR Magnetic Drill, 1550W 2
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Power 1550W 110V 60Hz
Max. Boring Diameter(Coring Drill) 2 in / 50 mm
Max. Boring Depth 2 in / 50 mm
Max. Boring Diameter(Twist Drill) 0.63 in /16 mm
Max. Boring Depth (Twist Drill) 3.9 in / 100 mm
Max. Travel Distance 8.3 in / 210 mm
Magnetic Force 2922 lbf / 13000 N
Stepless Speed 0 - 500 rpm
Product Size 12.6 × 5.5 × 16.9 in / 320 × 140 × 430 mm
Product Weight 41.9 lbs / 19.0 kg
Questions and Answers
Q: Is it possible to use coolant when using the drill chuck? Or is the coolant only for annular cutters. If it wootks with regular drill chuck, where does the cutting oil flow out of. Please don't give a 4 word reply. Thanks.
A: Hello, it is recommended to use ordinary drill bits, and cutting oil needs to be added.
by vevor on
Q: What the warranty on the drill bits and the drill press
A: All products on our official website come with a 12-month warranty. If you purchase a product that has a problem within one year, we will be responsible for you. Here is the link:
by vevor on
Q: Is the spindle able to move higher Like the othe models .Dont see bolt Like on other models to slide spindle up And down
A: This one is fixed and cannot be adjusted and moved.
by vevor on
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Easy to Use
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Dr. Motorized bike
Good quality
Reviewed on
I use it to drill steal, best price on the market. ...See more See less
Reviewed on
the fitting to the drill for the cooling hose was broken in transportation. how can i get another one as the threads are different from any others i have tried to replace it with. ...See more See less
Reviewed on
I'm very satisfied with this mag drill so far. I've drilled over 20 holes with it so far and I'm impressed. I've used high dollar mag drills before and this one works just as good. Seems well built to me. I haven't maxed it out to 2 inches yet but I think it should handle it. ...See more See less
Patrick Dahl
Amazing Mag drill
Reviewed on
This is the first mag drill Ive ever used, but very inpressed. I recently used this drill to make a welding fixture table. It worked great I drilled roughly 120 holes through 1/4 plate with a 5/8 annular cutter, and it took me maybe 3 hours. I gave 3 stars for quality because the tool arrived with a damaged glad hand electrical connector. Vevor responded quickly and sent a replacement part, so very good customer support. The rest of the drill seems to be of good quality and very heavy duty. ...See more See less
Garry S
Reviewed on
Finally received the drill. The adapter to install the drill chuck was wrong size but they sent the right one out promptly. Drill works alot better than anticipated. Drilled a 2.5 inch hole through 3/4 inch hard steel in no time. Really impressed ...See more See less
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