VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
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About This Item
  • Top-level Magnet: Get ready for unstoppable power! This 1400W heavy-duty mag drill bores at 0-810 RPM up to 50mm depth and 50mm across, consistently generating enormous power to drill through rigid materials. 2922lbf / 13000N robust force created by the electromagnetic base on the two ends anchors the mag drill press solidly to avoid movement during the drilling process.
  • Understand the Power: Quick-release arbor enables the drill bit to change in 1 second without tools. Now that is fast! Equipped 6pcs drill bits meet your various boring needs for a wide range of hole diameters. 0-810rpm adjustable 10-speed gears unleash outstanding accuracy for an efficient operation by adjusting the speed according to different hole diameters.
  • Security and Durability: Your security comes first! That is why the combined overload protection features are in place. The cooling system features fast heat dissipation to protect operators from being hurt by instantaneous overpowering and high temperatures during drilling. Besides, the titanium magnesium alloy guide rail has anti-corrosion and wear resistance characteristics, significantly improving the device's service life.
  • User-friendly design: A scale has been added to the machine's frame to help users pinpoint the distance between the drill bit and the drilled material in millimeters. Even a novice can bore accurate and neat holes. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle and 3 extended cranks provide a comfortable grip during handling and moving, saving great effort.
  • Wide Applications: This versatile magnetic drill plays a vitally important role in home improvement, equipment installation, industrial and steel fabrication, ship and bridge building, railway manufacture, windmill & power-plant construction, and many other fields.
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The Pinnacle of Magnetic Power
Get ready to drill smarter, not harder! Manufactured from a high-quality titanium magnesium alloy, this drill press is an essential tool for residential construction, heavy-duty industries, and steel manufacturing.
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
  • VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM
Q: What is the applied voltage and size of the product?
A: The product size is 10.6x4.7x14.2in/270x120x360mm, applicable voltage/frequency is 220-240V 50/60Hz for EUR/AUS or 120V 60Hz for US.
Q: What kind of materials does the mag press work on? What kind of drill bits are they compatible with?
A: The magnetic drill can bore on steel and iron structures above a 10mm thickness by upright, inverted, and horizontal adsorption. Drilling bits with a diameter of less than 50mm are applied.
Q: Does the package come with a drill chuck?
A: Yes, the product has a twist drill chuck with a 100mm boring depth.
Q: Can this product run in reverse?
A: Our products can perform positive and negative tapping to meet your diversified drilling needs.

VEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPMVEVOR Magnetic Drill 1400W 2922lbf/13000N Portable Mag Drill Press 810RPM

Effortlessly Do Your Drilling Tasks — Magnetic Drill

Simplify your drilling projects with this magnetic drill. It features a powerful 1400W motor and maintains steady performance throughout use. This drill has adjustable speeds from 0 to 810 RPM. It handles tough materials like thick steel. This makes it perfect for home improvement projects and industrial uses. Its strong design ensures reliability for demanding tasks, offering precision and power in every drill. Engineered with user-friendly features, this magnetic drill simplifies complex drilling tasks.

High Power & Efficiency

This magnetic drill has a solid 1400W motor that works well, creating a steady force of 2922 pounds (13000N) to keep it steady while you use it. You can adjust how fast the drill spins, from 0 to 810 RPM, which helps you drill accurately into different kinds of materials and sizes of holes. Its power and efficiency make it easy to drill through thick steel plates and other rigid materials. Moreover, because it's built strong, you can rely on it to last a long time and handle all your drilling jobs.

Effortless Bit Changes

The VEVOR magnetic drill makes it easy to change drill bits. Its quick-release arbor means you can change bits without needing tools in one second. This is helpful for professionals who often need to switch between different hole sizes.

This magnetic drill has six different bits, so it's ready for many drilling jobs. Changing bits saves time and makes the drilling process more efficient. Moreover, this magnetic drill is designed to handle various drilling tasks. It is a versatile tool for professional workshops and DIY projects at home.

Premium Quality for Extended Use

Made from a strong material called titanium-magnesium alloy, this magnetic drill doesn't rust or damage fast. It is shipped with care to make sure it arrives undamaged and ready to use immediately. This careful wrapping protects the drill during delivery. It guarantees that it will stay in excellent condition for any task you need to do. Its strong build and protective packing ensure it lasts long and works well for drilling tasks.

Stay Cool & Safe

The VEVOR magnetic drill prioritizes safety. Its clever cooling system prevents it from getting too hot, keeping both the drill and the person using it safe. Moreover, it includes overload protection, so even heavy usage won't cause it to overheat or stop working immediately. Whether you're working on a quick task or a long project, these safety features make sure the drill works well and keeps you safe.

Precision & Ease of Use

Operating this magnetic drill is straightforward. It is like a super-strong drill that sticks to metal and is strong enough to handle challenging tasks. This tool will help you consistently create precise holes, no matter your level of drilling experience.

You can measure the depth of the hole with its built-in ruler. Even after drilling for a long period, the handle is made to support your hand. Moreover, the longer handles give you extra power to push steadily while you drill. This makes the drill work more accurately, so you get top-notch results every time you use it.

Versatility for Every Task

This high-power magnetic drill can be used in many different ways. It's great for home improvement projects and big factories. It's also helpful in building things like ships and bridges. This portable magnetic drill can make holes in metal objects like truck parts and containers.

It is perfect for both inside and outside. Because the drill's direction and position can be adjusted, it's also suitable for a range of drilling jobs. This makes it a helpful tool that can perform many different tasks.

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Power 1400W 110V 60Hz
Tap Size M3-M14
Max. Boring Diameter(Coring Drill) 2 in / 50 mm
Max. Boring Depth 2 in / 50 mm
Max. Boring Diameter(Twist Drill) 0.63 in /16 mm
Max. Boring Depth (Twist Drill) 3.9 in / 100 mm
Max. Travel Distance 8.3 in / 210 mm
Magnetic Force 2922 lbf / 13000 N
Stepless Speed 0 - 810 rpm
Product Size 10.6 × 4.7 × 14.2 in / 270 × 120 × 360 mm
Product Weight 28.2 lbs / 12.8 kg
Questions and Answers
Q: Can this same drill be purchased with the Weldon arbor instead of the quickchange arbor if so what’s the part number
A: It is recommended that you buy the following product: It works with Weldon shank knives and has similar functions.
by vevor on
Q: Do you have an adapter to go from the quick release Chuck to a weldon Chuck. So that both style annular cutters the Weldon and quick release can be used on one drill if so can you tell me how to find them in your vevor store
A: No, we don't have an adapter.
by vevor on
Q: Can this Drill be used upside down and sideways mounted for drilling applications?
A: Yes, it can be turned upside down or sideways, but please use it with a safety belt.
by vevor on
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Ratings by Features
Easy to Use
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Gerald Stanley
Great drill
Reviewed on
I bought this to drill holes in the chassis of my off road truck to mount brackets. 1/4” thick steel and it had no problem making a perfect hole. I highly recommend this drill. Use your common sense when operating this equipment and you have no issues. Some reviewers very critical of the lack of an interlock but if you take your time and look at what you’re doing it’s not a problem. Great purchase and very useful tool. ...See more See less
6 people found this helpful
Reviewed on
I just received this drill today, so I can't speak to longevity. That said, if longevity was a huge priority on this I would expect to pay $1,600 or more and this suits my budget MUCH better. I will say that the drill is VERY solid construction (much better than expected) and yet operation is still very smooth. I've several times used a very popular brand seen on YT all the time and that one has excessive wiggle and rocking on the vertical track, but this Vevor one has none of that. Very nice. The weldon socket fits the tools very well, i.e. not loose - this one is very concentric in that regard. Both boring tools and even the drill chuck ran very true and I could not detect any runout at all by naked eye, so is much better than most tools of this type that I've used. Whether that's luck or something else, I'm very happy about this. The electronic speed controller takes a second or so to catch up with itself if you push it enough to slow it down (not what you'd normally do), but that's typical of electronic controllers and I prefer this type to primitive "get what you set" variable speed. Speed range is VERY useful (pretty much slows to zero) and reversing will come in handy. All the switches and knobs feel smooth and solid. There IS a magnet/motor interlock!! Thus you can't start the motor if you forget to switch on the magnet first. Also, if you accidentally switch off the magnet while the motor is spinning, it switches the motor off automatically. Important safety feature! Surprised NONE of the online info on the drill notes this fact. The drill is GOOD, but this item's listing on their website needs help. The features are very nice. The only thing I wish it had was a quill lock since gravity keeps wanting to lower it constantly making it awkward for changing tools and such. It's not terrible, just a bit annoying. Mine did NOT come with the "quick change" tool collar as the pictures show, but I'm actually glad about that because the typical set screw arrangement this one came with is simple and reliable. I don't change tools on mag drills often enough to need quick change anyway. So technically a dropped feature, but for me that was kind of a relief since I was skeptical of the reliability of a quick-change collar thing. One less thing to go wrong. Another feature that is never mentioned is the positioning of the drill body along the vertical slide is quick and easily accessible. None of that disassembling stuff some mag drills have. Loosen a hex socket screw on the side, slip it up or down, and snug it back down. I like this. Long story short, I really like this drill so far. Drilled a few 1/2" holes today for something I'm building and really it worked great. Operation is very smooth, has plenty adequate power (both magnet and motor) and a pleasure to use. I like it! Photo shows the 1/2" jobber length drill chucked in the thing. Does this with about 3/4" to spare. Awesome. ...See more See less
10 people found this helpful
Dean Long
Lead Fabricator and Mechanic
Reviewed on
This drill is a great deal, drills very well and has an extremely strong magnet. I have used it to drill through 1in plate down to 11ga. I have even drilled holes with it upside down, great product ...See more See less
8 people found this helpful
Reviewed on
Great product. I would definitely recommend but don't forget the extra bits! The Mag Drill Press cut through 1/4 steel plate with ease. ...See more See less
2 people found this helpful
Jim Francis
Extreme Drilling
Reviewed on
Why have I not gotten this drill earlier in my life? Used my new drill immediately with the best results possible. Easy to use, awesome results. ...See more See less
2 people found this helpful
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