VEVOR Kits Infrared Sensor Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener, Sliver
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Q: Is your door programmable? I prefer a door the closes at sunset. Before predators come out to scavenge each night . I also prefer a door that will not open  before sunrise.  4:00AM  and 500AM  in the morning is dark here our local predators are  hawks, owls, raccoons, possums and an occasional big feral cat. That hour after dark isn’t safe either. Each of the local predators hunt while the sun is down Exception of hawks they hunt day and night. . I read the door opens two hours before sunrise and closes an hour after dark . That makes 3 hours out of 8 or nine that  the hens have no protection as they can not see in the dark and are vulnerable.  I am assuming the door is not programmable . If it is not programmable can I use an electric timer to give the unit energy in the only  hours of our local daylight? Or would I need to  program it after each time the unit looses power?  Would altering the electricity  void the one year warranty or be a burden on the doors pier unit? Thank you
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A: this is a photosensitive model without programming. The door opens and closes according to the brightness of the natural light. If you alter the electricity, the warranty will be affected.
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