VEVOR Chimney Sweep Kit 33FT Length, Chimney Cleaning Tool Kits with 10 Nylon Flexible Rods, Chimney Brush Kit Driven by Drill for Sweeping Fireplace
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Q: I have an insert that I put in fireplace. At the top of the insert , I had 2 put 2 45 degree stainless  steel  elbows 2 be able 2 attach the rest of the pipe going up chimney.  Question: Would the rods b able 2 bend enough 2 clean the 2 45's from the bottom or would I have 2 go roof 2 finish cleaning the one 45 & would it bend enough 2 get into the 45?
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A: We propose to clean your chimney via the one 45' other than via the 2 45' for better cleaning efficiency and protection of the rods.
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