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Floor Grinder Machine

Flawless Floors Await | Transform with VEVOR Floor Grinder Machines

As a concrete worker or construction professional, having the best concrete grinder is a must. If you plan to buy an all-in-one construction tool, VEVOR concrete floor grinder is a great option. Whether the job needs grinding concrete slabs, removing vinyl glue, or polishing surfaces, our powerful machines can do everything for you.

Types of Floor Grinder Machines

Here are the types of floor grinder machines VEVOR offer:

Electric Concrete Floor Grinder

VEVOR electric concrete floor grinder is a powerful tool that you can use for grinding and polishing concrete floors. It has grinding plates, an adjustable speed control, and a dust collection system. You can connect it to an external vacuum for dust collection. Our floor grinder is suitable for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications.

Adjustable Grinding Machine

If you are looking for a versatile floor grinder, then a VEVOR adjustable grinding machine can be a good option. You can use it for grinding and polishing various surfaces. It features adjustable speed control and comes with a variety of attachments, such as grinding plates or diamond segments. 

Surfacing Grinder

Our surfacing grinder can grind and smooth marble, ceramics, and concrete surfaces. It is equipped with adjustable speed and a variety of attachments. You can use it for many applications, including smoothing surfaces, removing excess material, and preparing surfaces for polishing.

Concrete Floor Polisher

Use our concrete floor polisher to polish and smooth concrete floors. It uses diamond abrasives and comes with an adjustable speed control. It can be used for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications. 

The Main Features And Functionality of Floor Grinder Machine

Here are the features of our floor grinder machine:

Adjustable handle: The height of the handle can be adjusted from 34" to 46", which makes our floor grinder best for various applications. Also, the handle has a rubber-wrap to add comfort and prevent slips.

Grinding plates: VEVOR floor grinder machines come with various grinding plates or diamond segments that can be attached to the machine. 

Various accessories: With our machines, you will get accessories like grinder blades, earplugs, and essential tools for tackling any grinding task. Also, our grinder blades contain diamond particles, which other brands may not offer. 

Applications of Floor Grinder Machine

A floor grinder machine is a powerful tool that is used for a variety of applications, including:

· Grinding and smoothing concrete floors

· Surface preparation

· Polishing and honing

· Removal of coatings and adhesives

· Removal of concrete

· Concrete restoration

· Marble and granite polishing

· Surface cleaning

VEVOR Top-selling Floor Grinder Machines

To enjoy all these benefits, explore our top-selling product:

Electric Concrete Floor Grinder

VEVOR concrete floor grinder is suitable for wet and dry floors as it has both modes for worry-free use. It has a 1.5 HP pure copper motor that runs at 1720r/min speed providing the right amount of power and control across different surfaces. Our grinding machine can finish all kinds of ground and achieve exquisite polishing on all surfaces, such as concrete, marble, stone, rust ground, etc. 

How to Choose the Best Floor Grinder Machine?

Here are a few things that you need to consider when buying the best floor grinder machine:

Additional features: Look for additional features like LED lights, an adjustable handle, and vacuum ports to make your work easier and more efficient.

Speed control: Consider a machine with an adjustable speed control to suit the surface you worked on. 

Grinding plates: Check the type of grinding plates or diamond segments that come with the machine or are available for purchase. 

Power: Consider the power of the machine, measured in horsepower or amps. A higher-power machine will be more efficient and able to handle tougher jobs.

FAQs: Floor Grinder Machine

What types of floors can a floor grinder machine be used on? 

Our floor grinder machine can be used on concrete, marble, granite, and other types of floors.

Are there different types of floor grinder machines? 

Yes, there are different types of floor grinder machines, including planetary grinders and rotary grinders.

How is a floor grinder machine maintained? 

A floor grinder machine should be kept clean and well-lubricated to ensure it runs smoothly. The blades or abrasive stones should be replaced when they become worn.

Can a floor grinder machine be used for both dry and wet grinding? 

VEVOR floor grinder machines can be used for dry and wet grinding.