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Electric Meat Grinder

Do you possess or desire a meat grinder? If so, you're lucky—owning this gadget has several perks . Due to its simplicity, meat grinding has grown. The meat grinder shreds uncooked meat. Investing in a meat grinder saves time and labor. It's healthier than supermarket-ground beef.
VEVOR 3 in 1 Electric 500LB/H Commercial Slicer
The high-quality stainless steel meat grinders and cutter is built to serve as a multi-purpose piece of meat processing equipment, chopping, slicing, shredding, and stuffing the meat with ease and efficiency. If you want your meat processed in an environment that prioritizes security, cleanliness, speed and conserving resources, this is the equipment for you.
VEVOR Commercial Electric Meat Band Saw Cutter, 1100W Bone Cutting Machine
We have for sale a professional-grade electric bone saw. Utilizing this equipment to do tasks like cutting bones and grinding meat is quite helpful. Steel was used in the construction because of its high quality and long lifespan. operation and reliable production of 551 pounds per hour. Fit for use in a home kitchen, a restaurant, or a commercial setting.

Types of Band Saw Meat Cutters
1. Electric 500LB/H Commercial Cutter Machine
This 304 stainless steel-made commercial band saw meat cutter machine has a power of 1100 Watts and a capacity of 160 kg/h. Its product dimensions are 12.6" *13.3" *12.6" inch / (32*34*32 cm), and the cutter thickness is 3mm. Its Gross Weight is 40kg.
2. Electric Meat Band Saw Cutter and Bone Cutting Machine
This aluminum + stainless steel-made commercial band saw meat cutter machine has a power of 550 watts and a capacity of 551 lbs/ 250 kg per hour. It has a cutting speed of 318 r/min. Its product dimensions are 23.6 x 22.8 x 61 inches or 600 x 580 x 1550 mm, and cutter thickness is 0-8.3 inch/ 0-210 mm. Its Gross Weight is 119 lbs/ 54 kg.

Main Features and Functionality of Band Saw Meat Cutters
The following functional features are offered by VEVOR's band saw meat cutters:
2/3 In 1 Function
The meat grinder/slicer/stuffer is capable of three distinct tasks. To begin with, it is versatile, able to also grind fish, chili, etc. The mesh, coarser processing, or fine pounding may be accomplished using 6 mm/ 8 mm cutting plates. That's not all: the machine can also cut meat. The procedure allows the meat to be sliced to the same thickness without losing any of its freshness. Finally, the sausage stuffer may be used to create sausages. Having all three in one place is a space-saver and a convenience booster.
Powerful Electric Motor
The efficient copper motor uses less power and produces less noise thanks to its cutting-edge construction. More importantly, the machine's excellent efficiency of up to 250 kg/h produced is s by the 550/1100W that keeps it operating continuously.
Stainless Steel Material
The exterior case, top pan, and blades of this grinding machine are all composed of stainless steel, making it durable and resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Materials of food-grade 304 stainless steel assure safety for human consumption. The large storage top tray allows food to be fed into the machine by gravitation. This prevents any meat from being stuck in the conveyor belt.
Full-set Equipment
The accessory cleaning process is substantially simplified by the detachable grinding head and feeding tray. Water is all that's needed to clean any of the attachments.
Consider Details
Using it is as simple as pressing a single key. A switch between cutting processes is made automatically by the dual-clutch system. A rubberized base and ventilation at the bottom assist in keeping the engine cool. Also, if you have a big neck, it's a simple procedure.
Benefits and Applications of Band Saw Meat Cutters
In addition to dicing, slicing, and packing the meat, the machine can also grind it into a finer consistency. This innovative mechanized band saw meat cutter equipment serves dual/triple purposes by also grinding meat and filling sausages. Ribs, pig, frozen fish , trotter, steak, chicken, duck, etc., are just some of the many things that may be sliced with it. Useful in domestic settings, smaller eateries, shops, marketplaces, etc. The perks of using these ideal band saw meat cutters are as follows:
This electric engine, made of copper, is powered by 1100w to ensure reliable operation for years to come.
The bottom vents do a good job of releasing the trapped heat.
Stainless steel that is suitable for use in the food industry is impervious to corrosion and wear, which increases the product's durability and guarantees its sanitation and safety.
The design of the detachable head makes it simple to clean the attachments and remove any obstructions from the inner plumbing. You can completely clean any accessory with water.
It has two blades of varying mesh sizes, so it may mince or slice meat to any desired thickness.
Because of its broad throat and single-bottom construction, this knife guarantees a clean cut every time.
You may customize the cutting power of this bone saw by turning the console's blade tightening lever.
The feeding tube that slides down the track is built for ease of use, speed, and steadiness, saving the user time and effort. Also, the lever on the little push slab makes it simple to exert force.
It has a greater output than standard ones. The efficiency with which meat is ground is greatly enhanced by the ability to grind up to 551 lb of meat every hour.
Protective measures such as a blade shield, sliding feeding tubes, a hydrophobic button, and four non-slip foundations are installed on the commercial band saw meat cutter machines to protect users' hands away from potentially hazardous moving parts. Using these tools, you can ensure a clean and precise cut every time.
The huge bottom trash pan may be removed for easy cleaning and is ideal for collecting bone fragments.
FAQS About Band Saw Meat Cutters
1. How many pounds does this machine produce in a minute?
Answer. It can produce up to 250kg/h
2. What is the horsepower of this machine?
Answer. The power is 850W.