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Dust Collector

VEVOR Dust Collector to Enhance Air Quality - Breathe Easy

Dust collectors and abrasive blasting are efficient tools to improve air quality and extract dust particles from the environment. They are extensively used in workspaces, homes, industrial workshops, etc. A dust collector consists of an air suction pump and filters through which dust particles are collected.

VEVOR promotes cleaner and fresher work and living spaces. It offers a wide range of dust collectors compatible with homes, offices, and industrial settings. These intelligent solutions help avoid respiratory issues and other health problems. If you're working or living around dusty areas, you must install a dust collector to stay healthy and breathe freely. 

Dust Collector Types and their Functionality 

Dust collectors are categorized based on their usage and dust collection system. For instance, industrial dust-collecting machines differ from abrasive and sand blasters used in different spaces. Let's explore what types are available and their uses. 

Portable Dust Collectors 

Portable dust collectors are compact, lightweight, and easy to move. You'll easily find these in workshops and offices due to their portability. They're used to extract dust and other airborne particles at the source. Their dust removal rates are low and come with smaller storage capacities.

Portable dust collectors are mounted over roller frames for convenient maneuverability. They are often equipped with tube inlets for enhanced usability. These are best used in woodworking and sanding workshops.


  • Cost-effective option for smaller facilities 

  • Improves air quality 

  • Portability for easy movement. 


  • Inefficient for higher dust volumes 

Medium-sized Dust Collectors 

This category includes dust collectors with higher dust removal rates, powerful suction motors, and larger storage capacities. They’re used for longer times and placed where dust concentration is high. They can easily capture dust, coarse, and debris. These are also used with power tools. 

Medium-sized dust extractors often come with a dual collection system called a two-bag system. They can separate dust and debris. It becomes possible with an additional separator before the filter stage. These extractors are used in factories, furniture industries, and similar settings where airborne particles are prevalent. 


  • Handle a broader range of dust loads and particle sizes

  • Large dust storage capacity


  • The initial investment is high

Industrial Dust Collectors 

Industrial dust collectors are multi-stage extractors that collect and store microns to millimeters of dust and debris. They're bigger and equipped with intake fans, separators, filters, and high-capacity motors. The storage capacity is substantial as they're used continuously for long hours. 

The industrial dust collector system is used in manufacturing, metalworking, and construction industries. Their high airflow rate (measured in cubic feet per minute) allows efficient collection of large dust volumes. 


  • Highest efficiency 

  • Customizability per industry requirements.

  • A centralized system that covers the entire facility 


  • Substantial upfront costs

How to Choose the Best Dust Collector? 

If you don’t know much about the dust collector, buying one can be hectic. Here’s what you should consider before buying a dust collector. Let’s make your purchase the best buy!

Dust Collector Power Capacity

Where would you use the device? It determines what motor capacity will suit your needs. If the dust volume around your space is high, you will need a larger motor capacity device. The dust removal rate depends on the motor power calculated in horsepower. The normal range is 0.5 HP to 2.5 HP in portable and medium-sized collectors.

Dust Collector System Storage

Another critical factor is dust storage or bag size. For instance, if you're going to use the device in a woodworking workshop, smaller or medium storage capacity will be impractical. You will need to empty the bags frequently. Therefore, make your choice accordingly. You should estimate the dust or debris volume and choose adequate bag sizes. 

Dust Extractor Filter Capacity

Filters are crucial in the dust collector machine; an efficient filter will intercept the smallest dust particles. It makes the machine more reliable and elevates the air quality. Usually, the standard filters extract up to 2.5 microns of dust particles. If the device has HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, it can intercept smoke particles. 

Dust Collector Size and Portability 

Most offices and workshops have tight spaces; check your size requirements and go for portable options. If you attach the collector with power tools, size and portability greatly matter. A range of portable dust extractors is available, but if you need higher capacity, you'll need to check size requirements. 

Dust Collector Machine Quality 

The build quality and durability are also impactful. The dust extractors are excessively used and often exposed to wear and tear. The extractors also involve a mechanical motor, which will require periodic maintenance. Therefore, the device you're choosing should be durable and reliable. 

Essential Features and Maintenance Tips for Dust Collectors 

A dust collector has more extensive deposits to store dust particles without cross-contamination or choking risks. This helps you maintain a healthy and happy environment around you. These systems offer higher airflow and efficiency and cater to various industries. 

Ensure timely maintenance and care to keep your dust collector system running. It will also help increase the system's reliability and longevity. Empty filter bags frequently; the dust particles can choke the system. Check leaks in the filter bag; replace it if worn or torn. The filter media must be inspected from time to time. It has specified downtime and requires replacement. All these tips will help you maintain the system's optimal performance. If you want your investment to last a long time, you must follow these tips. 

Best Dust Collectors: VEVOR’s Top Picks 

Let's discover VEVOR's lineup in the dust collection system category. You'll find the best products on this list and can make your purchase right away. 

VEVOR 1HP Dust Collector 537 CFM Wheeled Jet Dust Collection

This highly efficient dust collection system has a 1HP low-noise motor producing 537 CFM suction airflow. It has a robust metal body mounted on a moveable platform. The system comes with a 15-gallon capacity 30-micron filter bag. 

Wall Hanging 1hp Industrial Dust Collector 

VEVOR has taken portability to the next level with its compact wall-hanging dust collector. It is power-packed with 1HP motor 537 CFM suction airflow at 3400 RPM. Plus, its 30-micron filter bag can hold 15 gallons of dust. The device can be wall mount with high-strength bolts. 

VEVOR 3HP Dust Collector with 2800 CFM Air Flow

This dust collector machine is a game-changer for industries. It has a 3HP massive motor offering 2800 CFM airflow and two 10.8 cubic feet 5-micron filter bags. The machine has two inlets for added efficiency. It is entirely steel-made and comes mounted on a rolling platform. 

VEVOR 1.5 HP Dust Collector with 647 CFM Air Flow 

This machine is an advanced option for users requiring medium-sized dust-collecting equipment. It is highly efficient and has a 1.5HP powerful motor providing 647 CFM airflow. Plus, it has a dual-stage collection system; it separates debris and dust in two containers. 

Why Choose VEVOR Dust Collectors? 

VEVOR has designed efficient dust-collecting equipment with customer-specific features. The quality of VEVOR products is outstanding, and the prices are always market-competitive. You won't find alternatives to our products. Here are the highlights:

  • Durable, reliable, and maintenance-free equipment. 

  • Portable with easy move-ability and accessibility. 

  • Variety of options to cater to different requirements.

  • Added features like wall mount, trolley carry, and more. 

  • Budget-friendly prices and superior quality. 

FAQs about Dust Collectors

Q1. Where is the industrial dust collection system used?

A1. Industrial dust collection system is used in various industries, like manufacturing, metalworking, woodworking, etc., to improve air quality and ensure workers' safety by preventing respiratory issues. 

Q2. What are canister dust collectors?

A2. Canister dust collectors are filters used in dust-collecting equipment. They filter air and intercept dust particles. Canister filters are extensively used due to their easy replacement, 

Q3. How important is dust collection?

A3. Dust poses severe health risks and causes lethal respiratory issues. People working or living around places with excess dust or other airborne particles should use dust collection equipment.