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Drawer Slide

Organize with Ease using VEVOR Drawer Slides

The ease of seamlessly opening and closing your drawers is an often overlooked aspect when it comes to home renovations. Not many realize having heavy and difficult-to-access drawers could get in the way of your day-to-day operations at home. 

It is obvious that troublesome drawers could get damaged over time very easily. Thus, investing in great-quality drawer slides is a must when installing drawers at any part of your home or office. 

The Importance of Drawer Slides

When talking about kitchen cabinetry, high-quality drawer slides are essential. These components allow cabinet drawers to open and shut smoothly without getting stuck or making too much noise. 

VEVOR cabinet drawer slides are engineered to provide easy accessibility and years of reliable performance. VEVOR offers a wide array of heavy duty drawer slides to fit your cabinet drawers’ style and accessibility requirements. 

Types of Drawer Slides

Listed below are the different types of cabinet drawer slides you can choose from. 

1. Ball Bearing Slides

Ball bearing slides are among the most popular drawer slide options on the market. This drawer slide is typically used on lighter cabinet drawers. This type of drawer slide is renowned for its smooth and quiet operations. Thus, it is also considered as one of the top options for soft close drawer slides

However, ball bearing drawer slides can be more expensive than other kinds. Additionally, this slide can’t support heavy cabinet drawers. Therefore, don’t install this type of slide on heavy-weighted drawers or ones you are going to put heavy stuff in. 

2. Roller Slides

Roller slides are another popular type of drawer slides on the market. This type of drawer slide is meant to be installed on heavy drawers and provide seamless opening and closing. 

Given that roller drawer slides are meant to support heavier drawers, they are less likely to bind than ball-bearing slides. Thus, if you are installing larger drawers and you are looking for a  heavy duty drawer slide to use, look no further than VEVOR roller drawer slides. 

3. Center Mount Slides

Center mount drawer slides are invisible and designed to be installed on lightweight and cheap drawer boxes. If you are looking for affordable options of slides for your application, you might want to consider this one. 

As the name suggests, center mount, high quality drawer slides are installed on the lower centers of the drawers. In addition, this type of slide is only intended for lightweight applications. Thus, if you are on the lookout for heavy duty drawer slides, you will have to skip this one. 

However, center mount slides are very easy to install and they are among the top affordable slide options you can find out there. 

4. Undermount Slides

If you are looking for a drawer slide that is totally invisible and provides soft close drawer slides and quiet operation, then undermount drawer slides are your top dog. In fact, this type of drawer slide is dubbed the best kind for higher-end cabinetry due to its invisibility, elegance, and unmatched operation. 

An undermount drawer can be quite pricey, thus, make sure to choose top-quality ones to get the most out of your money. Further, you can find a good selection of undermount drawer slides on VEVOR. 

5. Side Mount Slides

Side mount slides are one of the top-drawer slide choices in the cabinetry industry for various reasons. They are a breeze to install and are highly versatile. 

You can find a wide range of side mount drawer slides including soft close, touch release, and full extension drawer slides. Moreover, as side mount drawer slides are very common, you are most likely going to find a wide range of affordable ones on the market. 

Further, VEVOR side mount drawer slides are durable, versatile, and reasonably priced. 

Choosing The Right Drawer Slide

Drawer slides come in different types, sizes, and features, and choosing the right one will depend on your needs and preferences. However, because making the right decision can make a big difference, it is important to consider the factors below.

1. Determine the Size and Load Capacity of the Drawer

Not all drawer slides are the same. Some are intended to be mounted only on lightweight drawers while some can support heavier applications. 

If you are looking for a drawer slide that is able to support larger and heavier load capacity drawers, you should choose from a ball bearing and an undermount drawer.

2. Consider Your Budget

Drawer slides can be quite expensive especially when installing high-end cabinetry. Heavy-duty, full extension drawer slides can range from $40 to over $150 depending on the type and brand. Therefore, before purchasing drawer slides for your application, make sure to shop around and choose from reputable tool brands such as VEVOR.  

3. Ask a Professional

If you have totally no clue about cabinetry and slides, seeking the help of a professional is going to be a lifesaver. Cabinetry experts have the right knowledge and judgment when it comes to choosing the right type of drawer slide for your project. 

Popular Drawer Slide Recommendations on VEVOR

Whether you need an industrial slide for drawer boxes or a soft-close kitchen cabinet slide, VEVOR offers a wide range of slides to suit different applications and budgets. Here are some of the most popular drawer slide products on VEVOR.

1. VEVOR 32” Drawer Slide Kit

This drawer slide kit is among VEVOR’s top-selling slides due to its unmatched performance and reliability. This drawer slide offers a generous load capacity of 500 lbs. Additionally, the high quality ball bearings in this slide kit ensure smooth and quiet operation. 

2. VEVOR 24” Locking Drawer Slide Kit

If you are on a tight budget and you are on the lookout for great-quality cabinet drawer slides that are fairly priced, VEVOR has you covered. Their 24” Locking Drawer Slide Kit is renowned for its durability and seamless performance. 

This heavy duty drawer slide kit is easy to install and offers a wide range of professional applications. Lastly, this affordable drawer slide kit offers a decent load capacity of 250 lbs. 


Choosing the right drawer slides is one of the top aspects to consider in every cabinetry and furniture project. Given that there are various types of slides for different applications, it might be a wise choice to seek the help of a cabinetry professional. 

Further, choosing cabinet drawer slides from a top-trusted brand such as VEVOR allows you to invest in high-quality slides with various styles that are offered at affordable price points.