VEVOR Drain Cleaning Cable 100 Feet x 1/2 Inch Solid Core Cable Sewer Cable Drain Auger Cable Cleaner Snake Clog Pipe Drain Cleaning Cable Sewer Drain Auger Snake Pipe

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Cable Length: 100 ft
Cable Diameter: 1/2 inch

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  • Professional Drain Cable: This professional drain cable is able to clean short or long stoppages drains, which is excellent for doing heavy-duty works. Save yourself a hefty plumbing bill by unclogging your drain on your own!
  • Ideal For 2" - 4" Pipes: Can be used for 2'' - 4'' / 51 mm - 102 mm pipe. The sewer cable is perfect for various drains such as kitchen and bathroom sink, bathtubs and shower drains, sewer and floor drains.
  • Premium Manganese: 100' x 1/2" (30 m x 13 mm) solid steel core cable adopted by our cable for a sewer snake does not rust, corrode, or tangle. In addition, our steel core cable has higher toughness than other's, which can quickly go through multiple crooked pipes to clear the blockages.
  • Four Shapes of Cutters: Prepare to be dazzled by 4 different shapes of cutters: Arrow Cutter, Spade Cutter, C-Cutter, Boring Bulb Cutter. The quick-change design makes the blades easily connected or disconnected. Multiple attachments contribute a lot to clearing away various blockages.
  • Easy to Install: The plumber snake cable has a female slotted end, which makes adding blade holders easy. Besides, the drain cable can be a complementary tool with our electric drain auger. You can replace the line in your sewer machine effortlessly.
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Easy to use
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John ritenour

Cable Length : 100 ft ; Cable Diameter : 3/8 inch ;

It does the job

It's a sewer snake and it does just that what more can you say it works

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Mario Velazquez

Cable Length : 50 ft ; Cable Diameter : 3/8 inch ;


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great service ...Great products.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............

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Gina B. Duplechien

Cable Length : 75 ft ; Cable Diameter : 1/2 inch ;

Saves money

No more calling the plumber at 400. Dollars a pop every time my line gets blocked ! I recommend every home owner have one

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Cable Length : 75 ft ; Cable Diameter : 3/8 inch ;

Save my house from flooding in sewer water

This drain cleaning cable literally saved my house from getting flooded due to drainage clog in the main drain pipe. Thanks to the accesories available I was able to get the job done. The thickness and length of the drain cable were a perfect fit to my situation.

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Ron Jackson

Cable Length : 75 ft ; Cable Diameter : 3/8 inch ;

Works without a machine.

I have a 50 foot but it wasn't long enough. The 75 ft. worked great but you need room to unwind the entire 75 ft. in order to rotate it.

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