VEVOR Driveway Fabric, 13x108 ft Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric, 600 Pounds Grab Tensile Strength Geotextile Fabric Driveway, Underlayment Fabric Landscape Fabric Stabilization Underlayment

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  • Large Geotextile Fabric: The geotextile driveway fabric has 1415 Sq. ft coverage area, length: 108 ft/33 m, width: 13 ft/4 m. According to your requirements, it can be cut to meet various needs such as driveway stabilization, gardening, agriculture, and drainage.
  • Sturdy Woven PP Material: The ground fabric is made from thick woven PP material, sturdy, tear-proof, and corrosion-proof, which can serve you for a long time.
  • 600 LBS Tensile Strength: The underlayment fabric is high in strength and stretchable, ensuring a large weight capacity. You can lay gravel, stones, and big rocks on it to increase the stability and flatness of the road and prolong its service life.
  • Great Water Permeability: The garden fabric is highly permeable and breathable, allowing water to flow quickly without worries about water pooling. It is ideal for french drains, garden planting, and landscaping.
  • Wide Applications: The geotextile fabric is perfect for construction projects, such as road stabilization, riprap, retaining walls, animal stables, patio landscaping, etc. Keep your projects organized and control your space effortlessly.
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Kills weeds really well!

This product works great! We use it in our 1/4 acre garden and 1/4 acre orchard. It is easy to cut for our needs, keeps weeds from growing up and is a good price. All our pathways are covered in the driveway fabric as well as using it around our trees. The Quack grass is awful here so this product really helps to control this problem. This is the second time we have bought this product and are very happy with it.

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Bill Hakins


We bought this product to use in our yard to cover an area that has no grass but produces plenty of weeds. Since covering the area with the fabric and wood chips we haven’t had any problems with weeds. It’s amazingly tough but easy to use. I would definitely recommend this

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Better Deal than the Big Box Stores

I bought this to control weeds in my home garden from Vevor. Similar products are also sold in the Big Box stores in the US/Canada. However, I found the width and the length I needed in the one roll as opposed to other form factors that are smaller widths sold elsewhere. The quality is pretty much standard for this product sold in other stores but the price with shipping from Vevor was unbeatable. I will buy more next year from Vevor if the same price differential is offered. Very satisfied with the purchase and will recommend this to anyone looking for a quality landscaping fabric

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Good product at a decent price

While this is listed for driveways, my use case was under a compacted base for a post frame building. The product laid down nicely and stayed put with a few wire landscape staples while the first layer of stone went on. It is folded in a way for shipping where it's doubled over so that cause momentary confusion on my part, but otherwise was easy to get down. It's not easy to find smaller quantities of this kind of product at the wider ~13' width it comes, so I was glad to find it here with this vendor. Oh, and shipping was very fast.

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Vevor Driveway Fabric

We ordered the Driveway Fabric to put down in our 92' x 75' garden. As we were planning the garden, we realized that we didn't want to have to mow between all of the planters, plus tangle with the vines coming off of our 10 squash/pumpkin planters. We laid the Driveway Fabric down and it looks great! Now, all we have to do is mix up a solution of vinegar, epsom salt & liquid dishwashing detergent to spot spray. We set cement blocks on top of the driveway fabric and filled them with soil. 10 beds are 3x3 (inside feet) and 3 are 25x3 (inside feet). It looks so nice and now no mowing! The fabric lets the rain water or extra water from the hose seep right through the material, plus the price is right!! We will be ordering this again!!

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