VEVOR Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter True RMS AC DC Volt Amp NCV Measurement

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  • Multifunctional Clamp Meter: Get precise readings with ease! This clamp meter measures DC/AC current, DC/AC voltage, frequency, duty cycle, and resistance. Plus, it has added functions of diode test function, circuit on/off test, data retention, capacitance, relative value measurement, and max./min. value measurement. It's perfect for measuring power!
  • Non-contact Measurement (NCV): Achieve quick and safe electrical checks without feeling the pressure! With this clamp meter multimeter, you can measure the strength of electromagnetic fields without touching any wires. Be alerted of voltage presence with a simple beep and determine voltage levels effortlessly.
  • User-friendly Features: Get ready for the power-saving potential of your dc clamp meter with its smart sleep mode! It automatically switches off after 15 minutes of inactivity, conserving energy. The bright LCD backlight screen and built-in flashlight make it easy to use even in dimly lit environments, bringing light to every measurement.
  • Accurate Measurement: Elevate your accuracy game with the True RMS detection function! Say goodbye to measurement errors and enjoy peace of mind with its FCC and CE security certifications. Use this clamp multimeter with complete confidence!
  • Portable & Widely Used: Whether you're working on home appliances, cars, motorcycles, RVs, laboratories, or industrial equipment maintenance, this ac/dc clamp meter is your trusty companion. From battery power detection to power plant maintenance and railroad repairs, it's your one-stop piece of equipment for all your measurement needs.
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Robert Snyder

Very competitively priced! Works well!

Excellent value for the price and works great. I have been wanting a clamp meter for a very long time and borrowed my electrician buddies fluke several times. I was excited to pick this up and try it out on my recent solar project. It read both DC and AC current and works very well. I liked that it came with a very nice detailed manual that's easy to understand and comprehend for the average person. I have been using a cheapo one from harbor freight for so long but I literally had to tape the info on the back of the multimeter because it's so confusing to use. I haven't used every function yet but I have purchased several other Vevor products and they have yet to disappoint! The price is phenomenal and the product just works!I would recommend it at its current price point as it's well under the local store harbor freight and of course the big box stores!

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David J Lavrenchik

Easy To Use And Multifunctional As Well

This is an easy to use multimeter. You can measure current, voltage, resistance, continuity, temperture and diode status. It can measure up to 600 amps via the clamp. The digital display is clear, bright and easy to read. The included test leads have a soft insulation so it is a pleasure to work with them. The included temperature sensor can measure liquid and gas temperatures. The meter is battery powered (included) so you don't have to mess with power cords. The included instruction manual is extensive and easy to understand.Would recommend this to anyone.

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salt of the earth

good beginner meter, nice clamp on feature, cheap leads

oK, so got this for my grandson who is going through some HS electrical engineering course and was hard up on a project that he needed to read logic signal through. This is a nice beginner meter with a great carrying case. it does all that one would expect and has a nice large readout. IT is not cheaply built, but appears to feel and function like something that I home DIY guy would carry.It does AC/DC amps, volts, resistance and audible diode testers that can double as audible continuity checker.It, for the most part, auto ranges and will do logic probe readings for voltage prescense. I like everything about it accept for the cheap leads. They are not heavy enough, flexible enough or long enough. If you splurge for anything on this, get a good set of leads made by a professional, name brand company and you should get plenty of use out of this.

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Nice budget friendly meter

This Vevor unit is a nice budget friendly multimeter with clamp on ammeter and non-contact voltage sensor. The meter quality seems good and standard voltage and resistance test measurements match closely to my much more expensive Fluke DMM. The main features of this meter which I wanted were the clamp on ammeter function for the ability to measure current without disconnecting your circuit and the non-contact voltage sensor; neither of which are offered on my Fluke meter. These functions work well from my testing and the accuracy is more than enough to work for my home DIY/repair needs. The included case is a nice bonus but the probes that come with the meter are really cheap and thin and likely won't stand up to much abuse. Overall it's a good deal for ~$30.

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