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Cartridge Pool Filter

VEVOR Pool Filter Cartridges: The Solution To Maximizing Pool Clarity

Many people have the ambition of having a swimming pool with crystal-clear water. The upkeep, though, might be more complex than it seems. There are various factors at play. One of the essential needs for a clean pool is installing an excellent pool filter cartridge and frequent maintenance of it.

The filter removes any dirt or particles in the water. Several companies are involved in selling excellent pool filter cartridges, one of which is VEVOR. VEVOR provides high-quality, fully functional pool filter cartridges to suit your needs.

Understanding Pool Filter Cartridges And How They Work

Cartridge filters are cylinder-shaped constructions with a cartridge housed inside. The pool filter cartridge comprises cylindrical plastic encircled by material resembling mesh and pleated, with caps on both ends. The swimming pool cartridge filter captures debris as water enters and passes through the pleats.

The pool is then filled with fresh, filtered water. The cartridge filter will require cleaning as it gathers dirt and debris. After being hosed down, the pool filter cartridge is removed from the tank and put back inside. Spun polyester fibers serve as the primary filtration component in cartridge pool filters, which use them to purify the water.

Types of Pool Filter Cartridges

The several available pool filter cartridges can be divided into two categories, Surface filters, and Depth filters, which both have self-explanatory names. The surface filter confines debris on the surface using its thin layers, and depth filters comprise numerous layers that trap suspended particulates. Below are the types of pool filter cartridges.

Wound Cartridge Filter

This kind of depth cartridge filter is made by creating a yarn by interweaving and twisting microfiber, most likely polypropylene, together. When the sort and grade of yarn and the manufacturing techniques and processes are ideal, this structure is typically only significantly efficient.

Pleated Type Cartridge Filter

Usually, surface-type cartridge filters are used for these kinds of filters. However, the introduction of thicker media is a result of modernity. This suggests that these kinds can effectively filter at both the surface and the depth.

Melt Blown Cartridge Filter

These filters fall under the category of depth cartridge filters. They are made via the melt-blowing method, which entails melting polymer granules like polypropylene and extruding them from tiny outlets onto a revolving shaft.

Wire Mesh Cartridge Filter

The term “wire mesh filter” describes a construction made up of grids that appear as a result of carefully weaving wires in a single direction with close spacing among crossing wires. During use, filtration-required fluid tries to pass through the wavy path of the cartridge filter part, but any suspended solids get in the way.

Air Filter Cartridge

The air filter cartridge has a high non-viscous dust filtration effectiveness. The filter component can continue functioning as intended even when the surrounding temperature is below zero. The benefits of rigid body and membrane filtration are present in PTFE-coated cartridge filters.

How To Select The Best Pool Filter Cartridges

Choosing the appropriate pool filter cartridge is the initial approach to a clearer pool. You will need clarification on the market's abundance of possibilities. But if you keep these three straightforward considerations in mind, you'll quickly identify the most suitable cartridge filter for inground pool.


A pool filter cartridge whose size is too small might not be capable of handling the cleaning, so finding the proper balance is essential. However, one that is excessively big might be a needless expenditure. You should choose a larger cartridge filter to assure optimal efficiency if your pool encounters issues like algae growth or trees that drop leaves nearby.

Plumbing and Union compatibility

Ensure your pool's plumbing system is compatible with the cartridge filter. There are several inground pool filters, and they are connected to the plumbing using various union connections. If you use pipelines made of PVC or corrugated plastic hoses, check the unions to ensure they are compatible with your plumbing system.

GPM Rating

The GPM rating indicates the quantity of water the apparatus can cleanse per minute. Therefore, GPM determines the pool water's ability to be cleaned and circulated by the filter. Always pick a cartridge filter to complete a pool's cycle in five to six hours. As a result, stay away from cartridge filters with a GPM rating under 100.

Why Purchase VEVOR Pool Filter Cartridges?

A Platinum invitation to the clearest water festival in town is what you get when you buy VEVOR pool filter cartridges to use in your pool! These cartridges do more than filter; they also serve as the guards of your swimming area and the unnoticed champions of water clarity.

No more worrying about annoying detritus or algal blooms ruining your swims. You can concentrate on honing your volleying skill or unwinding by the water since these cartridges pool filters have your back.

FAQs About Pool Filter Cartridges

Q: How can I tell when to change the cartridge in my pool filter?

Keep track of your filter cartridge's state over time. You should replace the pool filter cartridge if the cloth seems loose or the cartridge is broken. Remember that if you observe a decrease in the water flow, your cartridge filter for the pool has become blocked and needs to be replaced immediately.

Q: How frequently should I wash or change the cartridge in my pool filter?

A cartridge filter should typically be washed once every three to four months, though this can change depending on the size of the pool, the amount of vegetation, garbage, and sunscreen being used.

Q: How can I keep algae from growing in my swimming pool using a cartridge filter?

You should avoid letting your water stand still for an extended period, particularly when it's extremely hot outside because algae prefer it if the water stops moving. Keep your cartridge pool filter system running throughout the summer to stop algae formation.

Q: Can I recycle used cartridges for pool filters?

Pool filter cartridges cannot be recycled at regular curbside pick-up or neighborhood drop-off recycling locations. The only way to recycle cartridge filters is through the original manufacturer. At the same time, some businesses provide mail-in programs where you can send in your used pool cartridge filters to be repaired, reused, or recycled.