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Bumper Ball

High-Quality Bumper Balls and Bubble Soccer Balls by VEVOR

Recreational equipment is not the same anymore; the typical frisbees and basketballs offer less fun and thrill. So, we took the liberty to offer bumper balls and bubble balls. These recreational balls are the epitome of fun and laughter. 

Whether planning a family picnic, a team-building activity, or a fun day with friends, the bumper balls for adults by VEVOR will elevate your experience. At VEVOR, we ensure that our bumper balls are constructed with the highest quality material to be as durable as fun.

Types of Bumper Balls by VEVOR

There are tons of bumper balls and bubble soccer balls in the market. At VEVOR, we have a range of bumper balls and bubble ball soccer to cater to your specific needs.

Bumper Balls

The inflatable bumper balls for adults are made with PVC or some other durable plastic material. It is a sphere that allows humans to enter from a small opening. They are used to playing human soccer as it allows participants to bump into each other without harm.

The adult bumper balls are designed with a little more space to adjust a grown adult's proportions. The adult bumper balls are perfect for team-building events and friendly party matches.


Excellent for physical activity

Suited for every age


Requires maintenance.

Bubble Soccer Balls

The bubble soccer balls are also called zorbs or hamster balls. The inflatable bubble soccer balls come in colors as well as transparent. Inflatable Bumper balls are also made with PVC and other durable plastic for extreme entertainment. 

The adult bumper ball is tailored for an adult-sized human. Most bubble soccer balls are used in theme parks for activities such as zorbing. 


Ideal for team sports


Unique gaming experience


Require supervision

Unsuitable for limited space

The Best Inflatable Bumper balls and Bubble Balls at VEVOR

VEVOR has crafted the most diverse range of inflatable products, including bumper balls and bubble balls. Regardless of the activity you are planning, we assure you that you will be able to find just the right bumper ball for unlimited enjoyment. 

Here are some of the popular adult bubble balls by VEVOR that guarantee endless entertainment and elevate the experience of any gathering. 

VEVOR 2PCS Inflatable Bumper Ball 

This VEVOR inflatable bumper ball for adults is the perfect fix for your recreational summer parties. It perfectly fits teenagers and adults that range from 4ft to 6 ft in height. For added safety, the bumper ball has inner handles. 

VEVOR 2PCS Inflatable Bumper Ball

The VEVOR inflatable bubble soccer is the right fit for team activities. The two balls with distinct blue and red colors can be used in team-building exercises. For advanced safety, these balls have two handles and shoulder straps. 

1.5M Inflatable Bumper Ball

This human bubble ball is the best for outdoor activities. It is easy to use and can be inflated within minutes. Furthermore, it is made with extra thick PVC for added protection. This 1.5M inflatable bumper ball is perfect for family picnics or adventures with friends.

Features & Maintenance Tips of Bumper Bubble Balls

Bumper balls are a hoot at every gathering. Adults and kids love to experience the bumper bubble ball for the crazy, thrilling experience it offers. To keep being the party's light, the bumper bubble balls need some maintenance. 

Even though the material of the bumper balls is of the highest quality, they still need some maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your bubble soccer ball in the best condition. 

  • Clean after each use 

  • Deflate after every use

  • Inspect for any punctures and get them fixed right away

  • Follow proper procedure for inflation

Reasons to Choose VEVOR

Regarding bumper balls and bubble ball soccer, choosing VEVOR offers a range of advantages. VEVOR takes pride in offering an extensive selection of bumper balls and bubble ball soccer designed to enhance your entertainment experiences. With unbeatable quality, competitive prices, and local availability, choosing VEVOR ensures endless fun for all ages. Elevate your gatherings and events with our premium products today!

Wide Selection

VEVOR offers an extensive list of bumper balls for adults to its customers. There are tons of bumper and adult bubble balls with various tweaks. The customers of VEVOR can choose the balls that fit their exact needs. 

Quality Assurance

Playing with bumper balls or zorbing around a playground can be dangerous if the material of the bubble is not durable. Thus, at VEVOR, we make safety a priority. All of our bubble balls are made with long-lasting and durable PVC. 

FAQs about Bumper Balls

Q1. Are bumper balls suitable for kids?

A1: The VEVOR bumper balls are made by safety regulations, and we use durable PVC for our bumper balls. Hence, they are safe and suitable options for kids. All you have to do is purchase the kid-size bumper ball.

Q2. How do I maintain my inflatable bubble ball?

A2: The Inflatable bubble balls require special care and maintenance for long-term use. Keep your ball clean and deflate it after each use; that is all the care your ball needs. For any extra assistance regarding bumper balls, please contact our customer service team. 

Q3: What are the high-reviewed bumper balls from VEVOR?

A3: You can check out blow-up balls and inflatable body ball to have our best products from us.